Vocals & instruments


ADTC offers learning in all styles of singing including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, and Musical Theatre. Learn to control your breathing through regular breathing exercises, practice vocal exercises to a range of training programs, and practice your new experiences to fun and favourite songs, Also on offer are accredited exam work and training.

Group Vocal

Singing in a group environment is a fun non threatening introduction to the world of vocals. Learn scales, breathing techniques & harmonies as well as rehearse & perform popular contemporary songs. Available for Juniors aged 5-8 & intermediate age 9-12.


Piano playing is an art that involves coordination and a keenness for fun! Learn different styles of Piano from the early eras of Romantic pieces all the way through to the popular music of today, Learn how to play scales on the piano and discover the different sounds you can make while playing music.


One of the most popular instruments for budding musicians. Learn how to become a rhythm or lead guitarist with our expert one on one lessons. Guitar is also a fantastic compliment to your vocal lessons for self accompaniment

group Guitar

Guitar is one of the most popular instrument skills people can learn. Learning how to play like the stars of last century including Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton can boost confidence and performance ability.

Learning a new skill like guitar playing can help enhance your music ability and can bring a personal aspect to a performance including your vocals.


Drums are tremendous to play and every rock / pop band needs them. Discover all areas of the drum kit and the various styles of playing from rock to jazz to funk rhythms. Learn hand eye co-ordination with skills that can benefit you in all areas of life.

Junior Stars

A combined class of 30 minutes Jazz Dance and 30 minutes Vocal Training. Junior Stars is catered to the 5-8 year range and is the next step after Future Stars.

It gives students a taste of the performing arts and really get them moving. Children will learn basic warm ups for the body and voice for performance of singing and dancing routines.

The course is designed to teach performance and stage skills while building confidence in a fun environment.