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The Australian Dance & Talent Centre encourages ongoing membership for consistency in training and personal relationships, both with fellow students and teachers. With fees payable each term, becoming a student means you’ll have access to our regular newsletters and events.

New students are invited to get started with a 7 day free pass. View our class programs below and contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

Group Class Packages – Per Week

Private and Shared Lessons - Per Week

ADT Performance Troupes

Bridal Dance Lessons

ADTC Choreographers and Vocal Coaches can tailor a unique performance for your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pay my Fees?
Are You And Active and Creative Kids Provider?
What is Your Cancellation Policy?
What if I Miss Lessons?
What if My Lesson Falls on A Public Holiday?
Is Uniform and Shoes Compulsory?
How Do I Pay my Fees?

ADTC charge an annual registration fee of $40 that covers all administration, registration and insurance for your child. Once that is paid- either online at the time of enrolment or over the counter- an invoice will be generated for you at the start of each term. We have flexible payment options including lump sum, weekly or fortnightly payments.

Are You And Active and Creative Kids Provider?

We sure are! We can accept both Active and Creative Kids vouchers up to the value of $300 each calendar year for each child enrolled at the centre. Please note that vouchers must be applied to your fees invoice and are not redeemable for uniforms or costumes.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

Classes will automatically roll over to the next term in each calendar year unless we are advised of any changes. Please note that should you fail to let us know about any changes to your timetable with less than 14 days before the start of the next term- due to our class capacities and waiting lists- you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee for less than 14 days notice of a cancellation.

What if I Miss Lessons?

All classes during a term must be paid for regardless of whether the student attends. In the event a private vocal, dance or music lesson is missed we will endeavour to make up the missed lesson within the term when the teacher has a time available however we cannot guarantee this. Should ADTC need to cancel for any reason we will reschedule private lessons at a time most convenient to you or in the event of a missed class lesson we will issue you with a class pass. You can take any class in your age group within the term to compensate for the lesson missed.

What if My Lesson Falls on A Public Holiday?

If this is the case, as ADTC are charged a term fee as a whole- we will issue you with class passes to the value of the lesson missed on the public holiday that can be redeemed during the term for any other class in your age group. Ie- if a student misses their weekly senior jazz class on a Monday they can redeem the voucher and use it for Senior Acrobatics  on a Thursday at any stage during that term.

Is Uniform and Shoes Compulsory?

ADTC does enforce a strict uniform policy for all its students. We believe uniforms create a sense of unity and discipline as well as cutting out “brands” that not every family can afford. Our uniforms and shoes are very reasonably priced and are good quality ensuring they last for years after purchase.

Features and Benefits

Everything In One Place

Student can learn to sing, dance, act and play an instrument at ADTC.

Regular Events

Keep an eye on our newsletter for upcoming performance and social nights.

Performance Experience

Students have the option to perform on stage and showcase their skills.

Beautiful, Modern Studios

Students access our up to date, modern studios and dressing rooms.

Performance Troupes

Older students have the chance to sing and dance as professionals around Newcastle.

Dedicated Teachers

Our faculty is highly experienced and active in the Newcastle arts community and beyond.



To apply for one of our Dance Programs, please complete the form below or contact us on 0249 549477  to get started.