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Our ADTC Junior Programmes are specifically designed to cater to children 6- 8 years (Years 1-3 of Primary School). Teaching the foundations of all forms of performing arts, ADTC will have the perfect class to ignite your childs passion for the arts, promote self esteem and confidence and encourage lifelong friendships. Junior classes encourage focus and discipline and develop their strength and technique in a fun, active environment. Whether they go on to tackle higher levels in the same dance style or try a few different classes to see what they like best, ADTC will support your child through their performing arts education.

Class Information

Junior Jazz

5:00 PM Thursdays
10:00 AM Saturdays

Jazz dance is an ever-evolving dance form with deep roots from African slave dance up to 1930s New York society. Our talented jazz teachers will impart in your child technique and rhythm, as well as body isolations and step progressions to inspire their early love of jazz dance.

ADTC Covers a range of different Jazz styles in their programmes including jazz/funk, broadway jazz and technical jazz.

Junior Ballet

4:00 PM Tuesdays
9:00 AM Saturdays

Ballet forms the basis of technique in all dance styles. Junior ballet is a great chance for your child to start to develop their technique and poise from a young age with passionate professionals who will guide them as their love of dance is ignited.

Junior Stars

5:00 PM Wednesdays

Dance and singing go hand-in-hand for those wanting to become future Broadway stars, YouTube sensations or professional entertainers!

Children learn to develop their co-ordination with the Jazz component and start to test out their vocal chords and carry tunes during their singing training!

Junior Fortnite Hip Hop

4:00 PM Wednesdays
Boys Only Fortnite- 6pm Thursdays

Hip-hop is a street style form of dance that is distinguished by its high energy, freestyle nature. Recently- the game Fortnite has brought Hip Hop to the forefront with moves like “Floss” “Elecro Shuffle” and “Hype” being practiced in lounge rooms all across the country. Your child will learn Fortnite street-style whilst being encouraged to develop their own taste for freestylin’ executed with movement and technique.

Junior Contemporary


11:00 AM Saturdays

Contemporary dance combines elements of ballet, modern and jazz dance forms to create a hybrid, free-flowing yet technically balanced dance. Floor work, improve and fall and recovery skills will all be studied with your child as well as contemporary dance’s fast rhythm and direction changes.

Junior Vocal

Group: 6:00 PM Wednesdays

Singing classes involve vocal training such as technique, reading sheet music, developing your child’s singing voice and extending their range, as well as posture and breathing techniques to aid their instrument – themselves! Your child will learn classics as well as modern songs to be able to develop breadth in their singing range and styles.

Junior Musical Theatre

Group: 4.00PM or 5:00 PM Thursdays

Musical theatre will instill in your child a sense of wonder for the combined arts and a passion for dancing, singing, acting and dialogue training as a triple threat story-telling method. Your child will study real songs from musicals as dance, vocal training and acting are taught by our professional ADTC musical theatre teachers.

Junior Acrobatics, Silks and Hoops

Time: 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM Thursdays

Acrobatics training stems from acro dance techniques to circus and gymnastics training. Your child will learn agility, flexibility and poise in a safe environment, as their acrobatics classes are designed to instill a love of jumping, flying and tumbling from a young age.

Come fly with us! If your little one is inspired by the Greatest Showman they will love our silks and lyra hoop class! Promoting strength, agility and flexibility our students love the challenges of mastering silks and hoops and delight in the feeling of gracefully executing the skill set from the rafters.

Our teachers are Acrobatic Arts certified and students have the option to take Acrobatic Arts Grading if they wish.


Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, we have a class for you. Enrol Now!