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Pre Junior

Our ADTC Pre Junior Programmes are specifically designed to cater to children just starting school in Kindergarten or Year 1. We understand starting ‘Big School’ signals a change in routine for our Kindy and Year 1 students but it doesn’t have to mean putting their love of performing arts on the backburner! Pre junior level acknowledges this transition and we start each class with a ‘rest and restore’ session of 5 minutes to reset little brains and bodies after a big day at school. We also build in a ‘fruit break’ at the halfway point of the class for that all important afternoon tea top up. Pre Junior classes allow your child to foster social interactions, encourage focus, discipline and develop their strength and technique in a fun, active environment.

Class Information

Pre Junior Jazz/Tap

4:00 PM Mondays
5:00 PM Thursdays

This combo class is specifically designed to cater to the 5-6 year attention span. Our talented jazz teachers will impart in your child technique and rhythm, as well as body isolations and step progressions to inspire their early love of jazz dance. Our Tap element focuses on footwork, technique as well as street and broadway tap variations will be introduced to your child’s classes as they develop strength and coordination.

ADTC are qualified to teach LGTDA Tap Syllabus and our pre junior students will have the option to sit the Test 1 exam in tap if they choose.

Pre Junior Ballet

4:00 PM Thursdays

Ballet forms the basis of technique in all dance styles.

Pre Junior ballet is a great chance for your child to start to develop their technique and poise from a young age with passionate professionals who will guide them as their love of dance is ignited.


Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, we have a class for you. Enrol Now!